Autism Spectrum Disorder

Navigating the complex world of a child with an ASD diagnosis is overwhelming and daunting. My experience both as a parent of a child with ASD and my training as a clinician provides a deep understanding of these challenges and offers collaboration on a path forward.

ASD Individual

Working with high functioning ASD or ADHD clients to build a sense of competency, pride and worthiness.

Neuro-Typical Coping Strategies

Parents, siblings, grandparents and couples often struggle with the frustrations and complex feelings that come with the diagnosis.

Family Therapy

The family dynamic will be effected dramatically with a diagnosis. We all work together to process every feeling, including the uncomfortable ones, so that we develop a deeper connection.

Resource Consulting

Navigating the landscape of providers, doctors, therapists, educators and interventionists is vast and can be overwhelming. We work together to identify where to begin and how to move forward.