Teen & Adolescent

Assisting teens in this very transitional, often confusing, intense time of life. Together we establish a foundation of honesty, responsibility, and authenticity.


In-depth focus on the complex and often overwhelming issues that teens need to navigate in their daily lives.


When working with teens, we often need to look at the entire family system. We create safe space for parents and teens to hear each other, communicate, and facilitate a deeper understanding of each other.

Anxiety & Depression

Teens are bombarded by multiple, complex issues around relationships, social media, school, college prep, sex, and drugs/drinking/vaping. These stressers often lead to either overt nor covert anxiety and depressive symptoms. Establishing a safe and honest connection allows us to ensure their safety.

Coping Strategies

We brainstorm together, sometimes with parents, to create ways to help the kids learn to better self-regulate. They learn to become more empowered and more resilient when facing these triggers.


We explore and practice mindfulness techniques to help calm the body and the brain.